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mobile boat trailer servicing and repairs

Boat Trailer Repairs And Servicing

Why purchase a new boat trailer costing £1000's when you could upscale or recondition your old boat trailer 


Boat Trailers are my passion! and I have built 1000's of them and now offer a choice of besoke boat trailer modifications. Whether you need help with trailer design or type approval, I'm here to help. I can manufacture bespoke trailer roller and support solutions for your existing trailer. 

  • Custom docking arms
  • Support Pads 
  • Custom winch post's
  • Roller/Bunk systems
  • Trailer/chassis design
  • Carried out on site
  • Boat trailer setup 
  • Upscaling Boat Trailers
  • Boat trailer axles
  • Boat trailer wheels
  • Boat trailer steps
  • Led Lighting Solutions
  • Fully mobile service
  • Fully Insured
  • Boat trailer spares
  • Boat trailer bearings
  • Boat trailer hubs
  • NTTA member

It is essential to remember that boat trailers are road going vehicles and therefore you need to arrange a regular trailer service to ensure they are always 'road safe' and not going to let you down and be a risk to other road users. The most important thing about servicing is that it is systematic and regular. To keep your trailer in road worthy condition and increase it's lifespan, I recommend that you arrange a trailer service with Mobile Trailer Servicing every 6 months or 3000 miles. Undetected faults caused by lack of proper servicing are the major cause of breakdown or accidents involving trailers. Faulty lights, brakes and worn tyres being the most common.


Boat Trailers pictured on this page have been hand made and manufactured by myself.

Stay on the right side of the law; have your trailer regularly serviced.

Boat trailer servicing and repairs, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, London and Kent